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About Us

We have the right mix of skills in terms of expertise across the domains. With time and experience we have come to realize that the process should not take over the principles. Therefore we make sure that each department communicates cohesively with the other and synchronizes in order to deliver the quality services before the set deadline. 

Although, Chiiz started its journey as an artistic unit, but within a short extent of time we deliver successful contest platforms to various clients. Our client-base includes renowned photographers, photo studios, models and other artists in the domain. Chiiz is all about customer delight and entrepreneurial spirit. We are in constant pursuit of customer satisfaction by providing the highest degree of business values and transforming the way industry is conceived, built, and utilized. We consistently follow a simple and transparent approach in our photo contests. We deliver early and often so we can benchmark and calibrate on a consistent basis. This allows us to adapt to our clients while keeping the larger goal at hand. 


To revolutionize the way world engages in sharing information together. 


At Chiiz, the pursuit of ideas is a passion to us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are born out of workday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to business situations. Ideas that work. Our aim is to continually come up with winning ideas in web designing and web development for our customers, without losing sight of changing technology and industry scenario. To set new standards in online communication and services is our strength. To usher our customers into an age, is our vision for the future where the thin line between real world personal contact and online connectivity and digital convenience will disappear. 

Core Values

Transpicuous Work Culture - Our words and actions always go hand-in-hand. We strongly preserve transparency to be correct ethically, legally and socially as well. 
By setting clear goals, fixing the priorities, organizing the resources-and rigorously monitoring the growth of project. Customer Centric Approach - We revere the uniqueness of each client and his requirements along with the budget to shape out the mirror-like solutions. Innovation - Thinking and doing out of the box by setting the minds free. We seek the unrevealed possibilities, hidden in feedbacks and suggestions of clients and co-workers. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount and the end-goal. Deliver competitive advantages via pragmatic and sustainable solutions is a way to attain such position. 


Strategy is lost without flawless execution.
Commitment To Customers
"A promise or a pledge" to this group and their purpose. We are committed to everyone and to our business purpose of providing superior service to our customers. This promise cannot be passive; it can only be expressed and honored through action. Thus, our commitment mandates that we are loyal to each other and to our goals and active in our efforts to achieve those goals. 


Active support or representation of our customers and each other. In order to successfully support, we must understand. Thus, we must invest time and effort in understanding the needs of our customers and the groups and individuals within Chiiz. Advocacy requires action. Again, we cannot be passive or reactive and satisfy this goal. 


To show regard or consideration towards each others. Respect opens the door to engagement, that establish relationships and help them grow and strive. To carefully consider the needs and feelings of another person takes an investment of time and effort. 


Superiority - to be the best, individually, and as a team. Excellence is compared to our competitors. To excel as a team, we all need to strive for excellence as individuals. Chiiz's achievements are the sum of individual successes, and individual excellences. Chiiz supports this quest towards excellence. 


Chiiz is a collective and ongoing endeavour of thousands of passionate professionals in diversified skills. Chiiz's army of top-of-the-line professionals is forever on the move to enhance the experience based success.